Wedding Present 2005-2012


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Are you missing some recent Wedding Present albums? Here’s a little CD bundle to catch you up on the last few years…

Bundle includes:

Take Fountain – The band’s sixth studio album, released in 2005 after an eight year hiatus. Recorded in Seattle by producer Steve Fisk and considered by David Gedge to be one of his most ‘personal’ albums.

El Rey – The seventh studio album for The Wedding Present, recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini. El Rey came out in 2008 and is widely considered a ‘lost’ classic. Songs include the absolutely breathtaking ‘Boo Boo’ – considered by David to be one of the best songs he’s ever written.

Valentina – Valentina is the eighth studio album, recorded at Black Box studios in France and mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Andrew Scheps. Features the absolutely massive ‘Deer Caught In The Headlights’, two drummers and a post Cold War duet in English and German!