Tales From The Wedding Present Issue 1


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From a launderette in Cincinatti, Ohio to a seaside music festival in Brighton, England… “Tales From The Wedding Present” chronicles the sublimely quixotic adventures of indie pop icon David Gedge and his “semi-legendary” band. For Issue 1, Gedge’s long-time bass player, Terry de Castro, teamed up with cartoonist Lee Thacker to create a surreal hotchpotch of on-the-road tales. If the band aren’t being menaced by furtive hotel critters, they might be getting pulled over by the Nebraska State Police. Gedge has been touring for more than 25 years, and, with over 250 songs under his belt, he’s not short of tales to relate. And “semi-legendary” is not a glib overstatement; The Wedding Present currently holds the tied position for most Top 40 hits in a single year with Elvis Presley.