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Third Hand Films 2011

In July 2011 Thirdhand Films of New Jersey released a DVD that was filmed during The Wedding Present’s 2005 tour of North America. At the time, these were the band’s first concerts in the USA and Canada for eight years.

The tour was carried out to celebrate the release of The Wedding Present’s classic Take Fountain album and Thirdhand Films travelled alongside the group for eight of their dates, capturing the essence and intensity of their live shows. The resulting 139-minute movie incorporates the most comprehensive live footage of the band playing in North America ever filmed, as well as interviews and candid behind-the-scenes footage.

The following tracks were recorded live : Drive, Crawl, Queen Anne, Go Go Dancer, Spangle, Venus, It’s For You, The Queen Of Outer Space, I’m From Further North Than You, Kennedy, Perfect Blue, Once More, Ringway To SeaTac, Dalliance, Dare & What Have I Said Now?